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Gino, F; Pierce, L (2010) 'Lying To Level The Playing Field: Why People May Dishonestly Help Or Hurt Others To Create Equity' , Journal Of Business Ethics  

This page contains a summary table for data provenance for all studies in this paper. In addition, authors can share with readers information on why they decided to retract or not retract, plans and/or results for replication efforts, reflections on the process, or anything at all they feel is relevant. They may revise the information provided as often as desired, and each author is free to present a message of their own, though authors are encouraged to speak in one voice.

Aggregate responses

Gino involved in data collection?
Co-authors have/had raw data?
Data for reproducing results available?
Experiment 1 Yes (1)
No (1)
Not sure (1)
Experiment 2 Yes (1)
No (1)
Not sure (1)
Experiment 3 Yes (1)
No (1)
Not sure (1)

Individual Responses

Lamar Pierce
Gino involved in data collection? Co-authors have/had raw data? Data for reproducing results available?
Experiment 1YesNeverNot sure
Experiment 2YesNeverNot sure
Experiment 3YesNeverNot sure

Below is a message written by author(s) of this paper. Keep in mind it may be modified at any time.
Written by: Lamar Pierce
Last update: 2023-11-04

Below I describe the process through which I have evaluated paper. Before doing so, I wish to emphasize that I remain agnostic to the truth of allegations against Francesca Gino, and have not seen sufficient public evidence of intentional manipulation or data fraud to warrant suspicion in any other paper on which Francesca Gino is a coauthor.  I am hopeful that as more information is revealed from the secret HBS investigation, more definitive conclusions can be reached. Nevertheless, I am evaluating my papers carefully now for transparency reaons, to best of my abilities and available data.

I have been unable to locate the data from these studies, because I cannot locate any of my inbox emails from 2010. I know the data was sent to me by Francesca Gino in xls format in June, 2010, because I do have all my sent emails from 2010 requesting the data and know that Francesca has always shared requested data with me on these projects as well as the many projects we abandoned (including a fully written paper) because we found no effects or problems in our design. I have no reason to doubt the veracity of the analysis or data, but like with many behavioral papers, the data no longer exist. I am continuing to search for archived emails from 2010 to complete a replication of results and forensic analysis.

As always, carefully designed and interpreted replication studies are welcomed as part of good science. I am willing to support any such effort as I would with any paper.